Living in Cheshire has some advantages as within an hour i can be in some of the most picturesque places in Derbyshire. These spots were places you could overnight but unfortunatley most now have no overnight parking or sleeping in vans signs .Regular places that i used go to for the weekend are Castleton and Edale with parking possible at the far end of Castleton going towards the Blue John mines which is a dead end .


Favourite parking spot at Castleton

From Castleton it is only a half hour through the Peak Forest to another great spot at Monsal Dale.A great spot for walkers and you can walk over the viaduct or down the edge .There is a pub and restaurant serving traditional ales and good food and a large car park that  does get busy .

Another favourite is Bakewell again a walkers paradise and it does have parking facilities on the cattle market but i dont think it is possible to park overnight.


From Bakewell another 10 miles or so down the A6 is Matlock and Matlock Bath ,the latter a favourite spot for bikers at weekends.The next village down is Cromford  and theres a lovely walk down the canal

Matlock Bath station car park


view over Castleton


View from Monsall Head